Weekly Update #3

Got a little bit less done this week than usual because I was traveling for a friend’s wedding. As usual, this is part of a regular quickly weekly update that I plan to continue through the game’s Early Access until full release so players are kept aware of progress.

In the past week I’ve:

  • Done a big refactor of “mission graphs” and dialogues. This is a tricky and important part of an open-world, story-driven RPG. I think I’ve made substantial improvements here, but as always the next Beta will tell.
  • Changes to crew:
    • New Habitat Module increases max crew
    • Less starting crew
    • Now a small chance of losing crew in combat
  • Implemented Steam Achievements. Only about a dozen so far, but I plan to add a lot more.
  • Added dialogue and anomaly choices to analytics logs.
  • Various bug fixes and QoL improvments.

All for now,