Starcom: Unknown Space

Big news! After maintaining radio silence since I wrapped up development on Starcom: Nexus, I’ve been hard at work on a follow-up title, tentatively called Starcom: Unknown Space. Checkout the brand-new trailer on Steam and add it to your wishlist:

There’s a lot of work left to do, but I’m optimistic that it will be ready for Early Access in 2022. Due to the way Steam’s visibility algorithm works, it would be a big help to the game’s eventual launch if you add it to your wishlists now.

Overall, players have strongly expressed the opinion that the game play shouldn’t change too much from Starcom: Nexus. So my goal has been to create a new story, with new races, new mysteries in a new universe, but not change too much of the mechanics.

New Shipbuilding System

You’ll still be able to fully customize your ship build, but the system has been completely overhauled. Modules now come in different shapes and sizes, depending on their type and “level” and can be rotated, opening up a lot more design possibilities.

Crew / Skill System

In Starcom: Nexus, your crew was basically just a resource who occasionally got eaten/vaporized/diseased on away missions. In Starcom: Unknown Space, you will have a persistent command crew that can progress over time in several key skill areas. Along with this, anomalies and alien interactions can have skill checks and observations, adding another dimension to your choices.

New Narrative System

Less visible to the player, but equally important, I’ve created a completely new mission/narrative system. My hope is that this system is more robust and flexible, allowing me to craft more interesting stories and missions that weave together encounters, anomalies and factions with greater depth.

More Everything

This is more of an aspiration than a feature, but I hope to spend more time in Early Access creating an even bigger universe. Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to wishlist and follow the game on Steam!