Weekly Update #55: Boston FIG

Yesterday I showcased Starcom: Nexus at the Boston Festival of Indie Games. This was my first time exhibiting a game at any kind of festival/convention and it was a lot […]

Weekly Update #54: Fest Prep

Hey all! Last weekend I was in Minnesota for a wedding so this week was a bit abbreviated, development wise. As I mentioned previously, I’ll be showcasing Starcom: Nexus at […]

Weekly Update #52: Beta 0.15

It’s apparently been a full year since I started doing weekly progress updates on development! There’s quite a bit of news this week. First, Beta 0.15 is now available as […]

This past week I did a full playthrough of the current game (Beta 0.15) noting bugs and areas for improvement. This was my first playthrough in several months and it […]

As I mentioned last week, I’ve been working primarily on giving the game an ending. Today I finally put the last pieces in place that connects the various disparate elements. […]

As I mentioned in last week’s update, I’m working on the game’s “end game” mission. So there’s not a lot to post about that isn’t spoilery. What I worked on […]

Weekly Update #47: Endgame Work

One of my goals for the next update is to have an actual ending. If you’ve played the game, right now when you’ve reached the end of the main story […]