Weekly Update #64: Release Date

The big news this week was the announcement of a full release date: December 12th! I also worked on a number of bugs and quality of life changes in the […]

No, I’m not considering switching engines for Starcom: Nexus. This is a post oriented toward other developers, particularly new developers, who are facing decision paralysis in choosing an engine for […]

As posted previously, version 0.16 is the first public version that includes the full main storyline. Based on analytics and feedback on that, I’m working on version 0.17 which adds […]

Weekly Update #57: Space Atmosphere

Earlier this week, Beta 0.16.1 was promoted to the default branch on Steam. This is the first default build to include an ending to the main story. While players provide […]

Weekly Update #56: Beta 0.16

After last weekend’s showcasing the game at BostonFIG, I spent the beginning of the week testing and then posting Beta 0.16 to the opt-in branch on Steam. This was a […]