What kind of game is this?

Starcom:Nexus is a top-down open-world action RPG set in space. In it, you control a starship exploring an unknown and dangerous region of space. The major gameplay components are:

  • Exploring star systems and planets
  • Battling hostile enemies in fast-paced real time combat
  • Expanding your ship through a modular design system
  • Improving your capabilities via a large research tree
  • Discovering the game’s story

When will the game be available?

When it’s ready. 🙂 The game started closed Beta in August, 2018.

What platforms will it be available on?

Initially as a desktop game for Windows, then Mac and Linux.

Will it be playable with controllers?

Yes, although full controller support may not be available at release.

I remember having fun playing the Flash game Starcom. What’s the connection?

Starcom (the Flash game) was one of the first games I made. While short, it turned out to be quite popular, with over 2 million plays worldwide. Starcom: Nexus is not exactly a sequel, but will feature some of the same elements and have familiar combat mechanics. It will also be a much deeper game with more RPG elements, exploration and story.

Will it be available on Steam?

Yes, the store page is up now. It will be entering Early Access late 2018.

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