What kind of game is this?

Starcom:Nexus is a top-down open-world action RPG set in space. In it, you control a starship exploring an unknown and dangerous region of space. The major gameplay components are:

  • Exploring star systems and planets
  • Battling hostile enemies in fast-paced real time combat
  • Expanding your ship through a modular design system
  • Improving your capabilities via a large research tree
  • Discovering the game’s story

When will the game be available?

When it’s ready. 🙂 The game started closed Beta in August, 2018.

What platforms will it be available on?

Initially as a desktop game for Windows, then Mac and Linux.

Will it be playable with controllers?

Yes, although full controller support may not be available at release.

I remember having fun playing the Flash game Starcom. What’s the connection?

Starcom (the Flash game) was one of the first games I made. While short, it turned out to be quite popular, with over 2 million plays worldwide. Starcom: Nexus is not exactly a sequel, but will feature some of the same elements and have familiar combat mechanics. It will also be a much deeper game with more RPG elements, exploration and story.

Will it be available on Steam?


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