When will the game be available?

When it’s ready. šŸ™‚

I’m reluctant to post a target date due to the risk of disappointing people if it’s missed.

What platforms will it be available on?

Initially as a desktop gameĀ for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Will it have multiplayer?

The focus is currently creating a fantastic single player experience. Multiplayer is a major feature and is not targeted for the initial release. That said, I have quite a bit of experience in multiplayer development, so if there is sufficient demand, it can happen.

I remember having fun playing the Flash game Starcom. What’s the connection?

Starcom (the Flash game) was one of the first games I made. While short, it turned out to be quite popular, with over 2 million plays worldwide. Starcom: Nexus is not exactly a sequel, but will feature some of the same elements and have familiar combat mechanics. It will also be a much deeper game with more RPG elements, exploration and story.

I read somewhere this was being made in the Unity engine. Doesn’t that mean no Linux?

Unity 4 now supports desktop play on Linux.

Will it be available on Steam?


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