What is Starcom:Nexus?

Starcom:Nexus is an action-adventure game of exploration, discovery and blowing stuff up. Pulled into an unknown galaxy by a mysterious phenomenon, you’ll:

Meeting the Ulooquo for the first time.
  • Meet weird alien races. Maybe some will trade with you. Maybe some will be your allies. Maybe some will help you find your way home.
  • Blow stuff up. Maybe some of those aliens will want to kill you.
  • Explore a galaxy full of new worlds.
  • Research new technologies.
  • Transform your ship from a small shuttle to an awesome battlecruiser.

Alien Encounters

It’s a big galaxy full of aliens to meet. Maybe some will trade with you. Maybe some will be your allies. Maybe some will tell you something that will help you find the way home.

Blowing Stuff Up

Two ships duke it out with missiles

Some of those aliens may not be friendly. Some may want to kill you up no matter how friendly and charming you are. There’s going to be quite a bit of blowing stuff up with an increasingly powerful starship.

Exploring New Worlds

Interacting with a Planet Anomaly

The planets of this universe aren’t just pretty backdrops. Many have anomalies—unusual features that require sending a landing team down to investigate. Some offer rewards, others will just eat your crew. Some will do both.

Researching New Technologies

Tech research tree

Exploring the galaxy will yield interesting scientific discoveries which in turn give you Research Points. These will let you research new technologies, all of which improve your ship in some important way: faster engines, jump drives, shields, longer turret range, etc.

Ship Construction

Building a battlecruiser in the shipyard.

Your ship has a modular layout which can be configured with whatever design your technologies and resources allow. You can go with a fast corvette by loading it up with engines, or with a heavy cruiser decked out in armor and guns.


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