Weekly Update #22: Beta Update, Trading Cards, Cloud Save, and More!

Lots of stuff for this week’s update. First, Beta 0.10.3 has had a large number of testers run through it with no major problems, so it is going to be promoted to the default branch tomorrow, January 27. Steam automatically updates clients, so if you’re in the middle of a game that you’d like to keep playing, you’ll need to rollback your client. I’ll post an announcement when it happens so hopefully no one is caught unaware.

Valve has approved the game for Trading Cards, of which there are 7 plus some collectible themes and emoticons. For the Trading Cards I re-rendered 1920×1080 versions of some of my favorite anomaly images.

Apart from that, in the past week I’ve worked on (note that new features will not be available until the next content update in February):

  • Beta 0.10.x bug fixes
  • Enabled Cloud-saves for games
  • Started scoping Beta 0.11.x features
  • Improved controller support for shipyard
  • Started implementation of the Havok point defense system
  • Tooltip to show numeric values for shield, energy reserves and hull strength
  • More discoveries
Slow close-up of the Havok effect