Weekly Update #23: Starting toward the next milestone

As promised, last Sunday version 0.10.3 was promoted to the default branch which went smoothly, thanks to our brave commanders who tested it while it was on a Beta branch.

Apart from that, in the past week I worked on various tasks. As always features and changes will not be visible to players until they are included in a public build, but I like to post progress in these weekly blog entries to keep players apprised of development progress:

  • Re-organizing and updating my story notes to reflect recent changes and help plan the backstory elements I hope to include in the next milestone build.
  • Created a map note system, one of the more requested features.
  • Wrote a blog post on the upcoming “Havok” system. Needs a bit of editing but should go up on the website in the next few days.
  • New alien race module/ship type.
  • New anomaly type.
  • Several new anomalies and discoveries.
  • Started laying out new star system clusters.

All for now!