Quick Update: Beta & More

Just a quick update on what’s happened in the past few weeks: The biggest thing was the start of the first round of closed betas, which went great. Players reported […]

New Screenshots

Still working on getting the Steam store page ready. On the way there I needed to take some screenshots of the current gameplay, so figured I’d share them here. The […]

Early Inspirations for Starcom

Do you remember the first video game you ever played? I used to think mine was Zork, played on our family’s home computer. I remember unwrapping it on Christmas and […]

The Sentinels

Meet The Sentinels. They don’t hate you, but your continued existence is against their programming.  

Technology Tree

As the player explores the universe of Starcom: Nexus, they will become more powerful, able to tackle greater threats and dispatch earlier enemies more easily. The game features two progression mechanics, both […]

Alien Worlds, Part II: Interaction

In the last post I explained how the game generates endless interesting looking planets of various types. Game play-wise, I want planets to be a little like treasure chests in fantasy RPGs: […]

Alien Worlds, Part I: The Visual

No game about space exploration would be complete without planets. The original Starcom Flash game had them, but they were purely ornamental landmarks. There were a half-dozen or so bitmaps with […]