Weekly Update #18

What anomaly is concealed in this jungle?

A little bit of a shorter update this week due to the holiday. Here’s what I worked on, deliberately vague on some details to avoid spoilers:

  • Completed the side-quest I started working on last week.
  • Started working on another mission.
  • Created several anomalies that have a variable structure.
  • Another new race.
  • Several new discoveries and a new comet.
  • Refactored how conversations store persistent flags.

As mentioned previously, new content won’t appear in game until there’s enough for a beta update. Due to the overhead from testing, etc. it makes sense to “batch” content for these updates in large chunks. I hope to have a new content beta (0.10.0) up in mid-January.

Until next time, thanks for supporting Starcom: Nexus and have a Happy New Year!