Shortly after Starcom: Nexus entered Early Access in December I posted a poll asking players what they would like me to focus on during the upcoming cycles. I thought it […]

Weekly Update #40: Beta 0.14

Hey all! Beta 0.14 preview build is now up on Steam, usual opt-in instructions: This is a smaller update than 0.13 due to a shorter cycle and a large […]

Weekly Update #39: Upcoming Beta

It’s been about a month since Beta 0.13 went up on the opt-in branch. Combining some fixes for that with some new content, I’m starting to pull together Beta 0.14. […]

Weekly Update #38: New race

I spent the first few days of this week continuing to work on the content from last week, which I’m being deliberately vague about because of spoilers. Other than that, […]

I spent almost all of this week working on a new piece of content which is taking longer than I expected to get right. It’s also quite spoilery so I’m […]

Weekly Update #34

As I posted on Twitter this week, the feature I started last week has reached the point where I feel I can say it’s going into the game: Attack Drones! […]