The big news for this week’s update is, of course, that Starcom: Nexus is finally available in Steam Early Access. This is a huge milestone and is the first time […]

First, a poll for the players: On December 12th, Starcom: Nexus entered Early Access on Steam. I’m really excited and nervous at the same time: this is by far the […]

Very quick update, here’s what was done in the past week: Testing, testing, more testing Created an automated “stress test” scenario which ran continuous AI vs AI battle scenarios to […]

Weekly Update #13

I’m currently hard at work trying to squeeze in another content update and closed Beta this week. If that version (0.9.x) turns out not to have any major issues, that’ll […]

Weekly Update #12

The big news this past week was announcing the Early Access date: on December 12th, everyone can start exploring the mysterious and wonderful universe of Starcom: Nexus, so add to […]

This past week didn’t see a lot of content/features update, it was mainly spent on Closed Beta #4, which has gone very well. Here are the major tasks accomplished in […]

Weekly Update #10

Hey everybody, another productive week of work preparing the game for the next closed Beta round, which I hope to start in the next week or so. As always, I […]

Weekly Update #9

Weekly update to keep testers updated on what’s happened in Starcom:Nexus development: Additional sectors Half dozen new anomalies New discoveries More research technologies Updated Steam trailer and misc. marketing Also […]

Weekly Update #8

This week’s update is a little early because I’ll be away this weekend. Here’s what happened in the past week in Starcom:Nexus development: Worked on some “off-path” content which I’m […]