Weekly Update #61: Release Candidate 1 in Opt-in Branch

This week I finished a second playthrough of what I am now calling version 1.0! The biggest change since 0.16 is the addition of “quick-save” almost anywhere, a frequently requested feature. I’m hoping some brave commanders will give it a try before I promote it to the default branch in about a week (if nothing horribly broken is uncovered). Here are the instructions on how to opt-in. 

Here’s what’s new since Beta 0.16:

  • Quick save system: player can now save when not in combat with F5
  • Option to disable autosave on warp
  • New sector environments, minor improvement to nebula performance
  • Updates to various late game missions
  • Additional missions
  • New space artifacts
  • New anomalies
  • New reputation effects
  • New achievement
  • Improve mission log performance
  • Procedural generation now detects and re-rolls invalid universe (e.g., missing min number of particular anomaly)
  • Aggro due to friendly fire effects shortened, clamped per incident
  • Numerous bug fixes

Until next week! You can always find me on Twitter, Discord or the game’s Steam Forums.