Weekly Update #56: Beta 0.16

After last weekend’s showcasing the game at BostonFIG, I spent the beginning of the week testing and then posting Beta 0.16 to the opt-in branch on Steam. This was a relatively quick Beta milestone compared to previous because I plan to promote this one to the default branch in the next week. This will be the first main release that includes a conclusion to the main story.

A comet photobombs a footage recording session

Here are the changes since Beta 0.15:

  • Five new mini missions with related anomalies
  • New end game rift effect- Increased max zoom
  • Increased havok damage
  • Additional mission progress logs
  • Controller cruise option
  • New Lumae capital ship
  • Discovery RP scales moderately with progress
  • Objectives stay highlighted on HUD beyond 1500 AU
  • Minor gameplay tweaks
  • Increased Lumae spawn rate

Apart from that, I spent time recording footage for an updated trailer that will show-off some features that didn’t exist when the Early Access trailer was created.

Until next week! You can always reach me on Twitter, Discord or the game’s Steam Forums.