Weekly Update #30: Beta 0.12

I spent most of this week testing the various changes since Beta 0.11 and fixing numerous bugs. Yesterday morning I posted Beta 0.12 to an opt-in branch on Steam. See this post for instructions to access opt-in branches.

Here are the changes from 0.11:

  • New procedural generation system. Until now, every playthrough of the same version of the game used the exact same universe. With this new update, some sectors are procedurally generated, some are still designed by hand and some are a mix. This is a pretty substantial change.
  • The trade system has been redone. Previously, once players found an exploitable trade they could bounce between traders and get effectively infinite resources very quickly.
    • Now, each trader has a finite number of resources in each sector. Over time their supply will gradually revert to their baseline.
    • There’s much larger possible price disparities between traders.
    • Trader pricing is affected by their underlying utility for the resource, their current supply, and their disposition toward the player.
    • Trades can now be executed as a single order.
    • Clicking on the resource icon in the trade window will show which modules use that resource.
  • New “Axial Ultragun”
  • Mission log highlighting.
  • Various new space artifacts discoveries.
  • A half dozen new planet anomalies.
  • Various new discoveries.
  • Several new technologies.
  • Improved controller support.
  • Three new achievements.
  • Misc. bug fixes.

As always, I look forward to your feedback and impressions. You can submit them via F8 in game, the Steam forum, or on the discord server.