Weekly Update #39: Upcoming Beta

It’s been about a month since Beta 0.13 went up on the opt-in branch. Combining some fixes for that with some new content, I’m starting to pull together Beta 0.14. I plan to do a full playthrough in the next few days. If that goes smoothly, you can expect it on an opt-in branch next week. And if that goes well, I’ll promote that build to the default branch.

New anomaly image, “The Bubble”

Here’s what I did in the past week:

  • Seven new anomalies.
  • Added cloud movement to planet shader.
  • Changed shield tech unlock to a different anomaly. The Tetrahedron now gives RP instead.
  • Modified the research rewards of some anomalies to scale according to game progress
  • Incorporated new music tracks

Until next week! You can always reach me on Twitter, Discord or the game’s Steam Forums.