Greetings, Commander


Welcome to an unexplored galaxy filled with strange worlds, alien races, celestial phenomena, and new technologies, both wondrous and powerful. This is the universe of Starcom: Nexus.

A portal in the Dyson Sphere opens beneath your shipIn this action RPG you’ll:

  • Explore a sprawling galaxy filled with planets, stars, nebulae pulsars, warp nexus, and much more!
  • Battle hostile enemies from swarms of attack fighters to massive capital ships
  • Find ancient alien artifacts
  • Research new technologies to unlock new abilities and ship modules
  • Design and build out the ship you want to command
  • Interact with other races– friendly, hostile and downright bizarre
  • And uncover the origin of a powerful new menace that threatens every living thing.

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Be sure to check out the media page for screenshots and concept art.

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