Hi! I’m Kevin Lin, the lead developer of Starcom: Nexus.

I’ve been developing games since 2008. My previous released titles include Flash games like Planet Defender, Starcom, and Lost Crypts. Cumulatively, these games have had over 5 million plays.

Starcom (the Flash game) was originally inspired by an old DOS game called “Starflight.” During development, it morphed into more of an arcade action game with some RPG elements. While short, it turned out to be fairly popular, with 2 million total plays worldwide, and approximately 100,000 people playing it to completion.

Now I want to go back and make the game I’ve always wanted to make: an ambitious space action RPG, with exploration, fast-paced combat, and an epic story.

Check out the rest of the site for more information on my vision, and thanks for your interest!

– Kevin

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